Agroforestry Concessions

AC are a type of contract or land tenure mechanism (concessions), recognized in the Forest Law, which formalizes forest productive practices carried out by family farmers in designated areas.

AC contracts are awarded over areas covering a maximum of 100 ha for a period of 40 years (may be renewed), and state rights, access to benefits, and
obligations of holders.

The contract requires certain conditions to be met: to preserve forests by using them in a sustainable way, to establish or maintain agroforestry concessions, and to implement good soil and water conservation practices.

With regard to national regulations:

They are a regulatory scheme formalizing the activities carried out by family producers in lands of public dominion where it is not possible to grant an
ownership title (1). These family farmers carry out farming, livestock or forest activities and have committed to maintaining or recovering goods and services supplied by forest ecosystems (2) by implementing agroforestry concessions and sustainable land management practices.

(1) These are areas of agroforestry or livestock production, or recovery areas (depending on the forest zoning).
(2) Art. 119 of Law No. 29763 on Forests and Wildlife.